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Dr Goodman combines cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic technology with his more than 25 years of extensive orthodontic experience, to provide superior treatment.

Our extensive experience, beautiful offices, and friendly, talented staff make us your premier destination for orthodontic treatment in the Manhattan and Riverdale areas. Contact us today to get started with Dr. Goodman, or book online. We look forward to seeing you in our offices!

Our unique offerings

The team at Goodman Orthodontics takes pride in making sure the personal and professional care you receive is second-to-none. Here are just a few of the things we do that make our Manhattan and Riverdale orthodontic practice unique:

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Unparalleled Invisalign

No orthodontist in NYC has personally treated more patients with Invisalign than Dr. Adam Goodman. He is a nationally recognized leader in the field and has lectured and trained orthodontists and dentists all over North America. He is a Top 1 percent Diamond Plus provider of Invisalign, and routinely advises colleagues around the world on their Invisalign treatment plans. He has presented educational programs for the American Association of Orthodontics and at the Align Technology Invisalign Summit Meetings. Yet despite this extensive experience, Dr. Goodman’s treatment fees are in keeping with national averages.

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Dr. Goodman will only begin orthodontic treatment when it is absolutely necessary. Some children require earlier intervention between the ages of 7—10, however many children do not. The mission of Goodman Orthodontics is to provide the most efficient and effective treatment, at the proper time.

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While many orthodontist offices charge $250- $500 for a consultation, Goodman Orthodontics offers a FREE initial exam.

We are confident you will be satisfied with the detailed information provided, which will include a treatment time estimate and total cost.

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Variety of
treatment options

At Goodman Orthodontics, we offer the most effective and efficient treatment options to meet the individual needs of every one of our patients. From Suresmile to braces to Lightforce, we’ll help you find the orthodontic treatment option that’s right for you. Because Dr. Goodman regularly employs both braces and Invisalign, he is keenly aware of the strengths and deficits of each appliance, and will advise the right treatment for each patient. Many patients are treated with a combination of braces and Invisalign if a mid-treatment switch is warranted for increased efficiency.

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We respect your busy schedule and valuable time and make certain to run on schedule for your appointments.

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Pre-Surgical orthodontics
prior to orthognathic surgery

Dr. Goodman was the first orthodontist in New York City to routinely use Invisalign for pre-surgical orthodontic correction, as opposed to braces. His approach led to his invitation to join the staff of New York Hospital/Weill Cornell where he teaches orthodontic considerations for orthognathic surgery. He has participated in team treatment of hundreds of orthognathic surgery cases and his fees for orthognathic cases are similar to complex non-surgical treatment fees.


Meet Dr. Goodman

Dr. Adam Goodman is a leader in the field of orthodontics. He was the first orthodontist in Manhattan to utilize the advanced technology of SureSmile braces, which can provide patients with a beautiful, straight smile up to 40% faster than traditional braces.

Additionally, Dr. Goodman is known across the country as a respected expert on Invisalign treatment. He has worked with the parent company of Invisalign as a teacher in lecture and served as a member of their faculty, where he personally trained over 1000 orthodontists and dentists across North America. He is currently on staff at New York Weill Cornell Orthognathic Surgery Clinic. Dr. Goodman uses the amazing radiation-free Itero scanner, which produces the most comfortable Invisalign aligners without any gooey dental impressions. Because of his expertise, Dr. Goodman has been profiled by both Fox-5TV and WPIX TV.

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“Phenomenal experience with Dr. Goodman. Insanely short appointment wait times. Truly excellent level of patient care from day one, and I finished my orthodontic treatment 100% satisfied. I would wholeheartedly recommend him and his practice.”

— Zoe Sandler

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