Invisalign Teen

Goodman Orthodontics understands the unique challenges teenagers face. With the pressures of adolescence, the prospect of traditional braces can be daunting. To address this, we proudly offer Invisalign® Teen, a solution designed with the needs of teenage patients in mind. This innovative approach provides an effective, less visible alternative to traditional braces, aligning with the preferences and lifestyles of today’s teens.
Invisalign Teen Clear Aligners in Goodman Orthodontics

Your Experience at Goodman Orthodontics

When your teen opts for Invisalign Teen at our practice, they’re not just getting aligners; they’re stepping into an experience crafted with precision. As a pioneer in Manhattan and Riverdale to introduce Invisalign, Dr. Goodman’s commitment to this revolutionary treatment is evident in our dedication to delivering results backed by science and top-tier tech.

Why Invisalign Teen?

Being a teenager means being constantly on the move – school, sports, hangouts, and countless moments captured in photos. Invisalign Teen offers an answer to orthodontic needs that understands this dynamic:

Discreet Treatment

Goodman Orthodontics offers clear aligners, transforming orthodontic care into a discreet process, perfect for teens who value privacy and confidence in their smiles.

Lifestyle Compatibility

Invisalign Teen is designed for flexibility, accommodating sports, social events, and promoting better oral hygiene with its removable nature, ensuring teens don't miss out on life's important moments.

Unmatched Comfort

Custom-fitted for each individual, our aligners promise a snug fit that minimizes discomfort and irritation, making the orthodontic journey as comfortable as possible.

Our Values

Beyond the Aligners

But for us, it's not solely about the aligners. We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of teens. Our approach, deeply rooted in compassion and transparency, focuses on the overall health of your teen. We engage in open dialogues, ensuring that concerns are addressed, questions are answered, and every teen feels empowered in their orthodontic journey.

A Personalized Smile Journey

Each teen is unique, and so should be their orthodontic care. At Goodman Orthodontics, Invisalign Teen treatment is curated to resonate with individual needs, making every set of aligners a step towards a smile that echoes their personality.

Invisalign For Teens in Manhattan, NY

Invisalign® Teen

Being deeply embedded in Riverdale and Manhattan means understanding the pulse of its younger members. Our practice isn't just a space for orthodontic care; it's a haven where teens feel understood, valued, and inspired.

Flexible Financing and Clear Pricing

Every parent wishes to give their teen the best. Our flexible financing options ensure that the best orthodontic care is accessible. Paired with our transparent pricing, we ensure clarity, commitment, and value at every step.