Innovative Hybrid Treatment: The Best of Both Worlds

A the Forefront of Orthodontic Innovation:

Goodman Orthodontics customizes hybrid orthodontic treatments, blending Invisalign and braces to suit individual needs, ensuring optimal, tailored outcomes for each patient.

Customized Treatment Path:

Our hybrid plans uniquely blend Invisalign's invisibility with braces' precision, starting with either method based on individual orthodontic needs for optimal results.

Advantages of Hybrid Orthodontics:

This innovative treatment strategy merges Invisalign's aesthetics with braces' effectiveness, offering flexible, comprehensive orthodontic solutions tailored to individual lifestyle needs and goals.

The Goodman Orthodontics Promise:

Goodman Orthodontics' commitment to expertly crafted smiles combines advanced technology with Dr. Goodman's expertise for precise treatment at every phase, focusing on personalized, efficient, and comfortable care tailored to each patient's unique goals.