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Braces vs Invisalign

Braces vs Invisalign

The differences between braces and Invisalign might seem readily apparent- braces are fixed to the teeth and involve a metal wire and brackets, whereas Invisalign is clear and removable.  Given that most people would prefer a less metallic and less noticeable appliance, and also prefer to remove all appliances for eating harder stickier foods as well as for brushing, Invisalign is a strong consideration, particularly for adults.  Some adults, however,  prefer something fixed because they don’t know if they can be consistent with the aligner wear regimen.   

In choosing between the two options, another factor is the nature of the treatment and the recommendation of the orthodontist.  At Goodman Orthodontics,  we have the skillset and experience to make Invisalign an effective option for most situations.  Aligners have additional advantages over braces because the aligners are created from a computer plan that accurately guides the teeth in a very linear and efficient manner.  While braces might seem more traditional and therefore more robust and effective, they are dynamic and harder to control, and therefore less efficient for many case types.   

At Goodman Orthodontics, we will advise you properly to help you make the right choice between Invisalign and braces.