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Foods That Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

Foods That Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

At Goodman Orthodontics, we’re proud to help patients throughout Manhattan and Riverdale, NY achieve better smiles through quality orthodontic treatment. But while orthodontic treatment like braces can help fix the alignment of your teeth, the appearance of your teeth is just as important. For a dramatically whiter smile, nothing beats professional teeth whitening – but if you’re looking for a quick, DIY solution, there are a number of options for foods to naturally whiten your teeth.

How to Whiten Teeth with Food

Looking for a simple way to whiten your teeth without a trip to the dentist’s office? Look no further! Pick up these healthy, all-natural foods and start whitening your teeth at home:

  • Strawberry & Baking Soda: A tried and true at-home tooth whitener, strawberry and baking soda make a powerful combination for DIY teeth whitening. Simply mash up some strawberries and combine them with baking soda to make a paste, then use that to brush your teeth. Malic acid in the strawberries, combined with the abrasiveness of baking soda, will lift away stains and leave your teeth whiter.
  • Oranges: Oranges help to neutralize acids in your mouth that cause decay, leaving your teeth stronger and whiter.
  • Apples and Carrots: Both apples and carrots have high water content, which stimulates saliva production and helps to wash away bacteria and debris. Furthermore, the crunchy texture can help scrub plaque and bacteria off the teeth.
  • Hard, Dry Cheese: Hard cheeses like parmesan or pecorino romano can act as abrasive, scrubbing agents that remove plaque, and cheese is also packed with calcium and casein, which help to strengthen the teeth and reduce mineral loss.
  • Milk and Low-Fat Yogurt: Similar to cheese, milk and yogurt have calcium and casein that strengthen and whiten the teeth.

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While no food will be as powerful a whitener as a professional teeth whitening treatment, incorporating these foods into your diet will help keep your teeth whiter and prevent staining and decay. If you have more questions about how to care for your teeth and smile naturally, the team at Goodman Orthodontics would be happy to answer them – just reach out to us at our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you, and we wish you luck keeping your smile healthy, strong, and beautiful!