Misconception about Invisalign Wear

Invisalign aligners that are made from an Itero scanner, always fit perfectly. The scan allows for zero distortion and the Invisalign aligner material is uniquely form-fitting due to its flexibility. If an aligner fits well, it will not hurt at all and speech will not be affected. Now comes the interesting part. As you probably know, Invisalign treatment is not just one aligner but a series of successive aligners which move the teeth gradually into position. The successive positions of the teeth are determined either by Invisalign’s own algorithms or with the input of the orthodontist. For simple cases, the distinction of who creates the “clincheck” might not be that clear. But for moderate and severe cases, an expert orthodontist knows the most efficient and painless sequence and velocity of movement that will lead to a comfortable aligner each time, assuming the aligners are worn adequately. But in many cases, a less than expert Invisalign dentist might approve or create a plan that causes the teeth to move too quickly or in an unrealistic manner and this, in turn, will lead to increasingly poor-fitting aligners that will cause too much pain and fit sloppily on the teeth. This will then lead to a patient wearing the aligners less, and then the teeth will continue to fall behind the plan. Many of our patients have commented that Invisalign is much easier and less painful than they had anticipated for heard from colleagues and friends. Some are actually concerned that they do not even feel much pressure and wonder if the aligners are even doing anything!

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