Retaining Your Straight Smile

At some point hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, the word spread that “brushing” your teeth would prevent dental disease.

While most people today have accepted the need to brush their teeth on a daily basis, when this concept was first explained the news was met with excitement, but also a bit of reluctance. Many subsequently asked: “Does that mean I have to brush my teeth every morning and every night for the rest of my life?”

This is understandable. It is a natural reaction to feel burdened by an indefinite routine. But what people who asked, and continue to ask, this question aren’t considering are the immense benefits that outweigh the commitment of regular daily brushing.

The same kind of situation occurs in regards to your long-term removable retainer.

Following orthodontic treatment, all orthodontists agree that wearing a night retainer is a vital component of maintaining your newly straightened smile. So, if you get used to wearing your retainer every night without fail, you are ensuring that your teeth remain in the correct positions.

Some patients who want to absolve themselves of this responsibility opt for bonded retainers. Bonded retainers (in theory) splint the teeth together so they can’t move. The only problem is that you can’t floss properly with bonded retainers, and they often either break or cause teeth to move if placed imperfectly.

Therefore, while bonded retainers might seem like the easy way out for avoiding an indefinite nightly routine, the tradeoff could result in even more issues for your smile. As such, your local Manhattan, NY orthodontist advises accepting a night retainer as readily as you have accepted brushing your teeth on a daily basis. After all, popping in a thin sleeve of plastic over your teeth before going to sleep is a small price to pay for retaining a straight and beautiful smile.