Why Seeking Treatment with an Invisalign Expert is a Very Smart Idea

By Invisalign expert, I am referring to an office that completes a high volume of Invisalign cases each year.   The Invisalign Doctor Locator at www.Invisalign.com will designate offices according to categories.  “Premier Providers” are becoming quite common.  The highest level of provider is “Elite Top 1%”.   These offices are usually orthodontic specialist offices, though not always.

An inexperienced Invisalign doctor might be able to provide a satisfactory result, especially for a more minor alignment case, but even for those simple cases and certainly for moderate cases, experienced Invisalign providers will generally reach an ideal result more predictably.  When seeking tooth movement, it makes sense to seek the services of an orthodontist, as they specialize in the field of tooth straightening.